Manuel van Dyck


Is From
Heidelberg, Germany

Lives In
Tokyo, Japan

Computer and Media Science, Bachelor, Furtwangen
Interactive Design, Diploma, Mainz

Member Of
3rd District Gallery, Tokyo

Shoots With
Rolleiflex 2.8/Wide/Tele, Suzuki PressVan, Fuji GW690, Mamiya 7, Plaubel Makina, Rollei 35, Contax II/IIa, Olympus Pen-F, Ricoh AutoHalf, Konica Recorder

More Pictures
On tumblr: medium format or, for other (smaller) formats. (Both no longer active)

Sure. Get in touch.

Solo Exhibitions
2014  3rd District Gallery — ‘UnPlaces
2014  Totem Pole Gallery — ‘Journey to the end of the Night
2014  Roof Gallery — ‘Limbo
2015  Sokyusha Gallery — ‘Edge of Shadows
2015  Totem Pole Gallery — ‘The Sea of Empty
2016  Totem Pole Gallery — ‘Behind Glass
2016  3rd District Gallery — ‘Broken Half
2017  3rd District Gallery — ‘Fractal
2017  Totem Pole Gallery — ‘Behind Glass Vol.2
2017  3rd District Gallery — ‘Not Now
2018  3rd District Gallery — ‘Auf bleichem Pfad
2018  3rd District Gallery — ‘Boid

Group Exhibitions
2007  FH Design, Mainz, Germany — ‘Urban Nature
2014  Contemporary Arts H2, Augsburg, Germany — ‘A Process
2015  Popeye Gallery — ‘Untitled
2017  Totem Pole Gallery — ‘Uncertain Half
2017  3rd District Gallery — ‘新しい型2

2014   Der Greif, A Process — Edition 1000 SOLD OUT
2015   Reciporal Failure — Edition 100 SOLD OUT
2016   Behind Glass — Edition 100 BUY